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Video Tutorial – Techniques: Ladder Stitch

In this video I demonstrate Ladder Stitch. This is such an important foundation stitch as a starting point for some other stitches e.g., Brick Stitch and Herringbone Stitch; it's also a great way of extending [...]

Video Tutorial – Techniques: Odd Count Peyote Stitch

This Beadschool tutorial is about Odd Count Peyote Stitch. The clue is in the name - you are working in rows of an odd number of beads. Flat, odd count Peyote stitch (just like even [...]

Video Tutorial – Techniques: Even Count Peyote Stitch

This Beadschool tutorial is about Even Count Peyote Stitch - that means you are working on rows of an even number of beads. Flat, even count Peyote stitch is great for making little bracelets, book [...]

Video Tutorial – Materials: Fireline

Fireline is a great beading thread although it was developed as a fishing line so it comes in many strengths. The main ones used in beadwork are 4lb and 6lb. It's strong and quite resilient [...]

Video Tutorial – Materials: Needle Sizes

In this video I discuss needle sizes and choosing the right ones to use for different bead sizes. The needles range from size 10 to size 16 and the seed beads range from size 8 [...]

Video Tutorial – Materials: Bent needles

Almost every beadworker has bent needles in their stash, because they're so handy for getting into awkward little places. Beading long term with a bent needle can cause problems to your finger and thumb joints [...]

Video Tutorial – Tips & Tricks: The best way to pick up beads.

I see many students who are new to beading, struggling to pick up their seed beads and crystals. Try this really helpful technique and you'll never look back! http://youtu.be/JG_7_PHdbP4 In this video I'm wearing: Isabella necklace in the Aqua [...]

Video Tutorial – Tips & Tricks: The Weaver’s Knot

The Weaver's Knot is a great way to avoid having to sew loose ends into your beadwork. It's perfect to use with Peyote stitch and Netting if your seed beads aren't too small and the [...]

Video Tutorial – Tips & Tricks: The best way to thread a needle.

As a beadwork tutor, I see many of my students struggling to thread a needle, which takes up a lot of their precious workshop time and can be a great source of frustration. Frequently I [...]

Video Tutorial – Tips & Tricks: How to join in a new thread.

This video tutorial is about how to join in a new thread. It's inevitable that, at some point whilst beading, you'll need to join in a new thread. Many beadworkers, both beginners and more advanced, [...]