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    Hubble Stitch 2

    You will be taken on a journey of discovery as Melanie guides you in her usual fun, workshop style, through the many forms of Wave Hubble in easy-to-follow stages, from basic linear Wave Hubble to more complex three-dimensional shapes.Buy Here
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    Lets Hubble

    In this book, Melanie presents her beautiful new beadwork technique - Hubble stitch. Packed with tips, all presented in Melanie's fun and friendly style, you will feel as if you're in a creative and dynamic beading workshop. You will soon be incorporating this wonderfully lacy and extraordinarily adaptable stitch into your beading world. To help you learn and practise Hubble, the book contains 12 beautiful projects including a variety of glamorous bracelets and cuffs, gorgeous earrings, a spectacular vortex necklace for spectacles, Hubble ropes, a sparkly crystal scarf ring and finally the Solar Flare - a lovely little versatile beaded element using lots of Hubble techniques combined.Buy Here
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    Tudor Inspirations

    Inspired in part by the Cheapside Hoard, two renowned bead artists have collaborated to create this sumptuously illustrated book for intermediate to advanced beaders. As inventors of new beadwork stitches, Melanie de Miguel (Hubble stitch) and Heather Kingsley-Heath (Albion stitch) are no strangers to innovation. In this book they invite you to join them on a thrilling adventure to recreate the rich and indulgent jewels worn by English aristocracy during the Tudor and Elizabethan eras.Buy Here