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The Tsarina’s Jewels – Great Escapes weekend

I am really a very lucky girl. Having just got back from a lengthy holiday break, just the two of us, sailing the seven seas (well mostly a bit of the Atlantic), I've returned to reality, [...]

Workshops at York Beads, New York

I could never have dreamed I'd be teaching in New York, let alone two workshops! I have Perry Bookstein of York Beads to thank for having faith in me and booking two classes: 12th June: Tsarina [...]

St Olave Necklace – New Colourway

St Olave necklace in Bronze and Peridot Not only does it come in Crystal AB, but I've just finished a new colourway for St Olave necklace kit - Peridot and Light Bronze; I'm not sure if [...]

Swarovski 4627 Rectangle crystals for Leonora

Instagram is OK for an instant fix but I had to finally get round to blogging about the arrival of these stunning Swarovski crystals. Opening the boxes I felt like a child at Christmas time! [...]

Video Tutorial – Tips & Tricks: How to join in a new thread.

This video tutorial is about how to join in a new thread. It's inevitable that, at some point whilst beading, you'll need to join in a new thread. Many beadworkers, both beginners and more advanced, [...]

Video Tutorial – Tips & Tricks: How to finish off a thread.

This video tutorial is about how to finish off a thread. It's so important to know how to finish off a thread neatly, so that no loose ends show in your work. I demonstrate how [...]

Morgan Le Fay Workshop at Stitchncraft

I spent two wonderful days at Stitchncraft teaching my Morgan Le Fay necklace. The classroom was chock-full of lovely, beady girls, all of whom worked extremely hard and produced some fabulous work. As always I loved [...]

Workshops in 2013

Perhaps a little late but Happy Beady New Year everyone, let's hope we all have more time to bead and create! It's about time I blogged again as it's only been, Oh about, 6 months Eeeeeek! [...]

Luisa Earrings Project in Bead Magazine – Issue 40.

Check out issue No. 40 of Bead Magazine (Aug/Sept 2012). The pattern for my Luisa de Medici Earrings is featured in it. If anyone is having difficulty getting hold of the Swarovski Chessboard crystals (2493, 10mm), [...]