Lyra’s Jewels

Lyra's Jewels incorporating Swarovski rivolis and chatons. and worked entirely in Hubble StitchTechniques: Hubble Stitch (Basic, 2-Drop, HorSO, VerSO and Inverted)
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Duration: 1 day (7 hours, not including lunch break)

Fit for a mermaid princess, Lyra’s Jewels is a gorgeous circlet of multicoloured, Swarovski rivolis interspersed with smaller chatons, all held in a delicate, lacey beaded framework.

The entire piece is worked using only Hubble Stitch, in a variety of the associated techniques including 2-Drop, HorSO, VerSO2, Circular and Inverted. You will use these techniques to make the 4 main elements for this design, trapping the different crystals and forming the toggle closure components. If you’re unfamiliar with these, don’t worry because I guide you every step of the way.

Students will work through the different elements of the necklace and then assemble them. Each element is also a standalone piece of beadwork that can be used for further inspiration. For students seeking a really challenging workshop, then the Lyra’s Jewels necklace project ticks all the boxes!