Ducks & Drakes Bracelet Workshop

Techniques: Basic Hubble stitch, Basic Wave Hubble Stitch, modified Brick Stitch. Level: Intermediate to Advanced (Some experience with Hubble stitch is helpful, but not imperative) Duration: 1 day

Inspired by remembered images of that lovely childhood game of skimming stones along the water’s surface, the Ducks and Drakes bracelet displays sparkling crystals skipping over the water between a wake of continuous, arcing and overlapping waves on either side. The crystal chaton element design incorporates a combination of Hubble stitch with my ‘Up&Along’ technique to form little traps; the travelling wake of waves to either side of the chatons is made using an exciting new Hubble stitch technique called Wave Hubble. As you work Wave Hubble you will see the potential to manipulate bead colours and achieve interesting effects.

Choose which of the chaton colours you want at the wave junctions and suspended between the wave crests.