The satisfaction of finishing a piece!

Beatrice Cuff 2I am on a real history trip at the moment, working my way back and forth through different eras as the mood takes me – and it’s so much fun!!!!!

When I was a child, my Mother and I would travel across Europe throughout the summer months, visiting museums, art galleries and all sorts of cathedrals and churches, interspersed with days in the sun and sea; we mostly stayed with local people and took in the culture and ethos of those places. Consequently I think many aspects I must have absorbed are pouring out of me now in my beadwork.

One thing that hit me not long ago is that I am truly happy wearing my own work now, whereas in my early years of beading, I would make a piece then cast it aside and never wear it. I feel that it must all be part of the learning process – I was building my ‘beading artillery’ so I could eventually express myself properly. I’m still developing and learning – I know there’s always room for improvement and learning something new – but I now experience a true excitement about every new project, and delight in the challenge of creating a way of connecting elements together or engineering a beaded clasp that will suit the piece.

Anyway, having got all that stuff off my chest, I just wanted to say that I’m really pleased to have just finished my Beatrice Cuff (I’m wearing it in the image). I was actually having trouble sleeping as I was making and each scroll and curl, and fretting over where to attach them; worst of all was the clasp, because I wanted it to be totally in keeping with the design, but also secure and balanced, so the whole bracelet would sit nicely when being worn. Well it’s done, but I must sheepishly add that it was also all part of my fiendish procrastination plan – I still have soooooo many workshops to write up (groan………).

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6 Responses to The satisfaction of finishing a piece!

  1. Martha says:

    I hope this email work . Am interest in the Beatriz bracelet tutorial . Thank you so much

  2. Allison Causey says:

    I hope the 2015 workshops include GBBS? xxx I think this cuff also expresses your scientific side as well, it’s a brilliantly “engineered” piece of beadwork 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Many thanks Allison, you’re so kind. I must say when I was making it, the words engineering did flit into my mind – it’s all about combining bead sizes to get the curves right. I think if you look closely at the Gallery pic you can see on the long scrolls that they twist, like wrought iron. I had so much fun making this, and I’ve got so much writing up to do, but I’m dying to have another go with those curls, scrolls and curlicues – perhaps on a bigger scale!

  3. Susan Sassoon says:

    I was hoping to take this class at Bead and Button 2015, but I see that the class is cancelled already. Can you tell me if you will be teaching it anywhere else soon, or if the pattern will be available for purchase? I love this design and would love to have a go at it!

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