Heat-treated Agate, faceted Stone Drop beads 30x8mm
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Teardrop Stone beads – Heat-treated Agate


These are heat-treated Agate, faceted stone drops; the heat treatment causes some colours within the agate to become more vibrant; in this case there are delicious streaks of caramel in these beautiful jet black stones, and the facets really catch the light. The dimensions are 30 x 8mm which are perfect for use in the Zig-a-Zig Earrings project on page 76 of Hubble Stitch 2. I teamed them up with 24kt gold and black beads and love wearing them. They are fully drilled from top to bottom and are smooth-sided. All stone beads will vary slightly in shade and inclusions, which adds to their beauty and uniqueness, so I have tried to choose the pairs of stones carefully so that they match.

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