Hubble Stitch goes global

Let's Hubble by Melanie de MiguelLet’s Hubble has now been No1 bestseller on in the Beadwork and Jewellery sections for 3 weeks! I’m ecstatic at the response and to know that beadworkers out there are having the chance to Hubble. We had problems at first with supply from – bit alarming really as everyone who had pre-ordered their book logged in on the release date (11th May), only to find that my book had been taken out of their shopping carts! I think UK orders somehow were prioritised, but can’t be sure of that. Anyhoo my publisher stepped in and saved the day by setting up a page for everyone overseas to be able to purchase it. Consequently we are now running a re-print – 2000 this time.


Hubble Stitch page on FacebookThe great thing is that I’m getting feedback from Hubblers everywhere, who are playing with the stitch. I created a Hubble Stitch page on Facebook specifically for that purpose, and have been encouraging anyone who’s bought the book to share their finished pieces on it. I am delighted with the way the stitch has been welcomed and to see everyone’s interpretations, colour choices and embellishments.











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