Marie Antoinette Necklace

Marie Antoinette necklace worked in Hubble stitch, using Swarovski Electra rivolis with 24Kt gold seed beads and 2-2.5mm seed pearls.

Marie Antoinette Necklace in silver.









Beautiful quatrefoil crystal elements are suspended in elegant V-formation, from a delicate beaded circlet, incorporating pearls and raised crystals. The style of the Marie Antoinette necklace is light and playful as may have befitted the coquettish French queen.

With the emphasis on delicate, tiny rivoli crystals are trapped with a ‘light touch’ technique, involving ‘double Hubble’ stitches. Similarly the chain circlet is composed of repeating units of three-dimensionally mounted 3mm bicones (again using the double Hubble technique), each separated by a petite, pearly motif.

Summer 2015 – I sailed with Steve from North East Portugal to Denia in Spain and took every opportunity to bead. We had fabulous weather – blue skies, glittering waves – it was tranquil and, well, heaven. I took my stash of chatons with me, as I’ve wanted to do something with them for a long time. I had this golden opportunity to explore Hubble stitch with them and, my goodness, did I! By the time we were passing the Algarve, I had filled a little box with my Hubbled chaton samples, and I started to realise some were my favourites. I made a series of them and then had to work out an interesting and original way to connect them all together. The answer was to Hubble it! In fact I worked in nothing but Hubble stitch the entire journey. So I created this pretty Hubbled chain incorporating tiny seed pearls and 3mm bicones. The name Marie Antoinette flashed into my head and kinda stuck, and I imagined the French Queen in a beautiful silk dress with tight bodice and soft, pink, voluminous decolletage, fabulously bouffant hair woven together with ostrich feathers, and this delicate little necklace adorning her neck.

I’m excited to be teaching this piece as it’s the first time I can write instructions and actually say things like “Make 1 Hubble stitch”. Beforehand I was using versions of Hubble stitch, mostly ‘Lonely Hubbles’ and having to continually describe the thread pathways. Now I don’t have to any more – Rah!!!!

This design is built entirely on Double Hubble – the technique which was rapidly developing on our sailing trip – however you won’t have encountered it unless you’ve taken this class. My experimenting on the boat with chatons has led me to a whole new source of fun and excitement which I’m calling Chatonology. If you’re interested then watch this space – it will enable you to bezel chatons from 3mm upwards!

I’m still having fun messing around and re-vamping the elements I used in Marie Antoinette. Here’s the first bracelet version I made:Marie Antoinette bracelet version - using Swarovski Hyacinth rivolis.