Hubble Stitch in October Beadwork Magazine

Beadwork Magazine October/November 2015 - Hubble Stitch covered in Stitch Pro

Beadwork Magazine October/November 2015 – Hubble Stitch covered in Stitch Pro

Well I’m back from my hols, and intended to hit the ground running, but instead I came down with a bout of shingles! Not fun at all. So I’ve been a bit of a zombie on the sofa and couldn’t even muster the energy for beading (for a while, a little while). Today is my first real day back in the office and I spotted my Zinio email which meant the latest Beadwork magazine was waiting for me. It just shows how zombified I was, because I’d completely forgotten that Hubble Stitch was going to be featured in the Stitch Pro item (page 16). They’ve done a great job.

It was actually quite tricky getting all the relevant info to the editors, as I was bobbing along on the Atlantic in our little boat at the time, somewhere off the coast of Spain. Every time we got into a new port I had to rush around finding a café with a good wifi signal to check my emails and correspond with them. I got rather adept at asking for wifi in Spanish – they pronounce wifi as ‘wiffy’, which caused some hilarity the first time we heard it last year. We walked into the marina office and sorted out our berth for the night. The chap gave us our pass keys and, looking at Steve, asked him almost conspiratorially, “You want wiffy?” and Steve frowned, looked at me, then back at him and said “No, thank you, I have one already!” The guy looked at him blankly and then I caught on and totally cracked up!

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Free downoads – Hubble Stitch Grids

Having seen some of the awesome patterns you Hubblers out there have been beading, I thought I’d try to make things a bit easier for you. In my shop are 2 free grids to download – one for Basic Hubble and the other for 2-Drop Hubble stitch.

All you need to do is add the grids to your cart and click checkout. I’m afraid you’ll have to add address, phone and email details, but then just place the order. The links for the downloads will appear immediately, so just click and download!

Then grab your colouring pencils and get designing! Don’t forget to share your lovely patterns on my Hubble Stitch Facebook page – it really helps to inspire others.

I’ll be adding 3-Drop and HorSO grids soon, so keep a look out.




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Bead Spider Open Day, Sunday September 27th – Hubble Stitch taster sessions.

Spectrum cuff in Basic Hubble Stitch

Spectrum cuff in Basic Hubble Stitch

Sunday September 27th @ The Milestone School, Gloucester – Germaine Fisher of Bead Spider is having an open day for her Cheltenham shop, and she’s kindly invited me along to teach taster sessions in Hubble stitch on the day.  I hope you’ll be able to come along and join in the fun. I’m looking forward to seeing Hubble stitch in lots of different colours and finishes. Bead Spider will have everything you need on the day.

You can book your 1 hour session here.

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The Alpine Experience

The Alpine Experience - Les Carroz

The Alpine Experience – Les Carroz. The view from chalet Calluna.

This is one of the views from my room in chalet Calluna, in Les Carroz, France. At 1200m the chalet is above the clouds, and even in the summertime, you can still see snowy peaks on the Alps all around. I had been invited to stay in Les Carroz, which is in the Haute-Savoie region, for 4 days to get to know chalet Calluna and its sister chalet Erica as a fabulous venue for a beading retreat. What a lucky girl I am! This is The Alpine Experience and it’s all run by a lovely couple called Nadine and Mark, together with their delightful staff, Jamie and Hannah – winter time is for skiing and summertime is for beading, lace-making, book-binding, water colour painting and embroidery, amongst other things!

I flew to Geneva where Nadine picked me up and we hit it off straight away. We headed up and up via winding roads through little villages into ever greener mountainsides, scattered with pretty, decorative, timber chalets. Upon arrival I took a deep breath as the sweet air was so fresh, and the birds were singing their hearts out. It was all so beautiful.


Wild flowers in the Alps and the valley below

View down into the valley below.

I settled in and we ate dinner, chatting all the time and getting to know one another – they needed to know me as a tutor too!

I slept like a log and the next morning, Nadine took me into the village of Samoën, still in Haute-Savoie, where there was a wonderful French market. This is a weekly event and is a lovely place for students to visit on one of the timeouts from the craft workshops. It’s good to have a little break otherwise shoulders can get a bit tensed up, plus it’s wonderful to take in a lovely new environment and all its inspirations. In beautiful sunshine, we perused the colourful stalls and breathed in mouth-watering aromas of the many different cheeses, saucissons and French delicacies.


In the village of Samöen.

In the village of Samöen



Walking further into town, we looked in all the lovely shops, some with tempting eats and others with traditional and quirky, home goods. It was great fun poking around in all the little shops, looking for pressies to take home. Then Nadine and I walked up into the stunning botanical gardens, complete with rushing waterfall. From here one can get a terrific view down into the surrounding valley.




Nadine and me in Samöen

Nadine and me in Samöen



Next was an aperitif in restaurant Au Relais Septimontain and a delicious, light salad for lunch, with cheese of the Haute-Savoie region – Mmmmmmmm. Well, after that hectic morning it was important to have a rest, so I donned my lovely, soft towelling robe they provided, put my feet up on the lounger on the balcony at chalet Calluna, and beaded (there’s a surprise). Blissful beading on the balcony, bathed in sunshine – what more could I ask? No interruptions, except Mark serving up his scrummy lemon cake  – that was a very welcome interruption. I could help myself to teas and coffees all day from the dining room area, so I didn’t want for anything. By 5pm wonderful aromas were drifting up from the kitchen on the ground floor, so I prepared for dinner. Our meal was superb as Mark is a very talented, haute cuisine chef. He can also cater for all dietary requirements.

Thursday I was shown around chalet Erica which not only houses guests, but is also the studio where the craft sessios are held; it’s only a minute’s walk away from chalet Calluna. The craft area is huge and surrounded on three sides by floor to ceiling windows and stunning views, so it’s well lit. Students can help themselves to hot and cold drinks at any time, and there’s an alcove for chilling and chatting on sofas with a TV and sound system. Mark and Nadine have worked really hard to make the craft sessions here amazing experiences. There are tables both inside and outside to take the weather into account, plenty of sturdy, standalone embroidery frames, comfortable studio seats and crafters’ magnifying lamps for all students. That saves a lot of space in your luggage!

Nadine and Mark showed me all of the rooms in both chalets and I found each room to have its own character. All were decorated very tastefully in the wooden chalet style, with lovely views and good light.

I took a long walk that afternoon and took lots of pictures of the many wildfowers all around – these were to show my mother because I can generally show her a picture of any flower and she knows exactly what it is. Afterwards, I was sorely tempted to have a laze in the outdoor jacuzzi, but it was a little too warm for that, so I just made do with some more  beading on the balcony (sigh).

That evening was my last one there and some of Nadine and Mark’s neighbours came to visit. We had yet another fabulous gourmet meal courtesy of Mark, and afterwards we all played the board game Articulate! I hadn’t played it before but we had so much fun; it was a really lovely end to my visit.

I must say that from the minute Nadine picked me up until I boarded the plane to come home, I was treated like a queen. Nadine and Mark’s hospitality was warm and wonderful band I was very much made to feel part of the Alpine Experience family.

Having spent time there I was eager to join them and teach at this fabulous venue. So it’s in the diary – I will be teaching for the Alpine Experience from Oct 1st-8th, 2016. We’ve yet to decide the theme, but there will definitely be more than one project, so keep an eye out on my Dates and Events page.










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Northern Ireland Beaders Guild

Heqet Pendant workshop with the Northern Ireland Beaders Guild

Heqet Pendant workshop with the Northern Ireland Beaders Guild

I spent a most wonderful, fun weekend in Northern Ireland with the ladies of the Northern Ireland Beaders Guild, teaching 2 workshops for them – Heqet Pendant and Beatrice Cuff. Their warmth and hospitality was unsurpassed – I was treated like a queen! I stayed in the Ballymena area and was chauffeured to and from the venue, so I had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside en route. I also enjoyed their delicious food – of particular note the bread and cakes! I have to say I left a bit of my heart with them when I said goodbye. Thank you girls you really made my time there very special!

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Hubble Stitch goes global

Let's Hubble by Melanie de MiguelLet’s Hubble has now been No1 bestseller on in the Beadwork and Jewellery sections for 3 weeks! I’m ecstatic at the response and to know that beadworkers out there are having the chance to Hubble. We had problems at first with supply from – bit alarming really as everyone who had pre-ordered their book logged in on the release date (11th May), only to find that my book had been taken out of their shopping carts! I think UK orders somehow were prioritised, but can’t be sure of that. Anyhoo my publisher stepped in and saved the day by setting up a page for everyone overseas to be able to purchase it. Consequently we are now running a re-print – 2000 this time.


Hubble Stitch page on FacebookThe great thing is that I’m getting feedback from Hubblers everywhere, who are playing with the stitch. I created a Hubble Stitch page on Facebook specifically for that purpose, and have been encouraging anyone who’s bought the book to share their finished pieces on it. I am delighted with the way the stitch has been welcomed and to see everyone’s interpretations, colour choices and embellishments.











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Hubble Stitch is a prize-winner!

2015 is the 15th anniversary for the Beadworkers Guild and they were running a crystal anniversary competition, sponsored by Swarovski (of course) to mark the occasion. They announced the winners on the final day of the Great British Bead Show (Sunday 10th May) which is the lovely bazaar day after 3 days of beading workshops. What better endorsement for Hubble stitch on the day that I launch my book about it, than to win a prize for my Lyra’s Jewels necklace made entirely in Hubble stitch! I’m still on cloud 9 because I’ve never before entered a beadwork competition. The guild have kept it for photography, and I can’t wait to get it back because I absolutely love wearing it! They let me wear it briefly before I had to give it back!

Lyra’s Jewels is worked in Miyuki size 15 and Czech Charlotte size 15 seed beads, with 17 different special finish Swarovski Rivolis from E H Ashley and lovely little ss39 chatons from Stitchncraft.

Lyra's Jewels - made entirely in Hubble Stitch

Lyra’s Jewels – made entirely in Hubble Stitch









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Hubble Stitch is here!

Let's Hubble by Melanie de Miguel

I just arrived back from an intensive 4 days at the Great British Bead Show, which was one of the most exciting for me. Not only was I teaching 3 fun but challenging workshops and catching up with dear old beady friends, but I was also launching Let’s Hubble! my new book. Hubble is a brand new beadwork stitch and my philosophy on beading is that the more stitches and techniques we have under our belts, the better we can attack a project and tailor it to perfection! I’ve now been Hubbling for about 2 years; I absolutely love working this stitch and have so much more to look into and develop. Since returning from the GBBS, I’m delighted to say that I’ve had an amazing amount of wonderful feedback about Hubble stitch from beadworkers and I’m looking forward to seeing images of everyone’s Hubble projects on my Hubble Stitch page on Facebook.

Let's Hubble book launch at the Great British Bead Show

Let’s Hubble book launch at the Great British Bead Show

The book is Half Canadian bound so it’s user-friendly, and lies open where you leave it – great for craftworkers; it’s packed with tips, all presented in a fun and friendly style, to help you feel as if you’re in a creative and dynamic beading workshop. You will soon be incorporating this wonderfully lacy and extraordinarily adaptable stitch into your beading world. To help you learn and practise Hubble, the book contains 12 beautiful projects including a variety of glamorous bracelets and cuffs, gorgeous earrings, a spectacular vortex necklace for spectacles, Hubble ropes, a sparkly crystal scarf ring and finally the Solar Flare – a lovely little versatile beaded element using lots of Hubble techniques combined. Let’s Hubble! is currently available on, Waterstones and all good beadwork suppliers.



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LET’S HUBBLE! has arrived!!!!

LET'S HUBBLE - try out the brand new beadwork stitch by Melanie de Miguel


I’ve just taken delvery of the first copies of my book, LET’S HUBBLE! Excited doesn’t even come close! I’m so pleased with how it looks, and I want to thank Sue Richardson and her colleagues at SRA Ltd for doing a fantastic job. They really helped to make things run smoothly.



So I’m guessing that soon the pre-orders will be winging their way and that there could soon be some Hubble pieces appearing. Please feel free to share images of your Hubble stitched beadwork on my Hubble Stitch Facebook page. I will have copies for sale at the Bead Bazaar at the Great British Bead Show in Daventry on Sunday 10th May.  I’ll also have them with me in my classrooms on the 7th, 8th and 9th, during workshop breaks only.



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The Enchanted Lake – Great Escapes weekend

For me, a Great Escapes weekend is a bit like Christmas. I really look forward to it and enjoy all the preparation – organising my stash and supplies for everyone, and then it’s arrived, and it’s all over in a flash! Knowing that I was even more determined to enjoy every minute of it this time, and I wasn’t disappointed. This weekend workshop was at Barnett Hill in Guildford, set within the most wonderful gardens and woodland, all bursting forth with buds and foliage. We all arrived for an introductory tea at 4pm and already the temptations began with the chef’s delicious, homemade cakes and biscuits.

The Enchanted Lake - Great Escapes weekend workshop

The Enchanted Lake – Great Escapes weekend workshop

The Enchanted Lake - Great Escapes

The Enchanted Lake – Great Escapes weekend workshop










After a break to unpack and set up the teaching room for The Enchanted Lake workshop, we had a beading session and the laughter began. It didn’t stop all weekend and it’s surprising how much beadwork we actually achieved! I loved seeing everyone’s gorgeous choices of colour – and this project really pushed some thinking buttons when it came to colour. True to the project, there was lots of sparkly magic going on – the colours of the beadwork even managed to confer different moods on the “Lakes”. We had Woodland Elves, Narnia, Arctic Solitude, Maypole Magic, something rather Dark Apollo and Deep Forest. Can you guess which is which?

The Enchanted Lake - Great Escapes

The Enchanted Lake – Great Escapes weekend workshop

Being in good company all weekend (it’s a bit like a lovely family reunion), eating excellent quality food and getting to do lots of beading just can’t be beat! I can’t wait the go back in October to teach the Introduction to Hubble Stitch weekend – the Autumn colours will abound!

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