Hubble Love!

Beaded Love LettersWanting to share in the ‘LOVE’ that’s spreading at #lovebeadlove, the fabulous new blog and brainchild of Marcia DeCoster, I made an L with our daughter Louise in mind. She is going to present us with our first grandchild in August and I cannot wait!

Marcia has designed the letters that spell LOVE, in CRAW and embellished them beautifully; she shared the patterns for the letters and invited others to join the fun. I started making one in CRAW, but stopped and felt the urge to work out how the do it in Hubble stitch – specifically Wave Hubble. The challenge came in working the right angle, but it was so much fun to do that I just had to make the rest of the word. I’ve had those little hearts in  my stash for years and finally found the place for them. Then, because Louise is growing our little star in her tummy, I worked a bit of ‘Chatonology’ on a tiny 4mm (ss17) chaton to add the star.

The O turned out beautifully along the lines of the Toroid shapes, outlined in chapter 7 of Hubble Stitch 2, and then the V just needed two acute angles which meant modifying the right angle of the L. I’ll get Steve to frame the word and we can give it to Louise to put in baby’s room – that’ll spread our love!

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Bead Love Blog plus free beading pattern!

Dear Beady Friends, Happy New Year to you all,

Let’s make 2017 the year to spread LOVE, in fact, more specifically Bead Love! No, I’ve not gone soppy, but we all share a love of beads, their wonderful colours and varieties, their interactions, their quirks, their thread paths, and their altogether beadiness, so please help to spread the word (literally) about your love for beads by going to a new weekly blog started up by Marcia DeCoster called . She has gathered together beady colleagues from around the world to help build this blog and there are all sorts of fun designs and content planned for the coming year from everyone involved, so keep an eye out.

To start off the year with a bead love explosion, Marcia has designed and beaded the 4 letters in the word LOVE, and has provided the free pattern for it in the inaugural blog. The rest of the letters will follow in the subsequent 3 weeks.

Beadlove Blog

If there’s romance in the air or even a wedding, then look out for the pattern for the Bridal Heart of St Olave that I will be blogging in April!

So, come and join in the fun and share the LOVE!

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Hubble Stitch 2 is here!!!!!!

Hubble Stitch 2 by Melanie de Miguel









This is it!!!!! Today’s the day! Hubble Stitch 2 has been released to the world, and now all you avid Hubblers have the chance to try Wave Hubble stitch. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see all your horizontal Wave Hubble ropes – I’ve been waiting to share this technique since before I started writing Let’s Hubble!, so that’s almost 3 years! You can get your copy here.




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Hubble Stitch in the Alps

I’ve just arrived back from a fab week teaching in the Les Carroz in the French Alps at The Alpine Experience, hosted by husband and wife team, Mark and Nadine. A whole week of beading – what more could your heart desire (except perhaps 2 weeks)! Hubble stitch was our agenda in as many different forms as we could possibly manage. Everyone worked really hard (well, I say worked but I really mean played) and produced lots of fabulous colourful samples and finished pieces, and our reward was Mark’s divine Cordon Bleu cuisine.  Their outdoor hot tub was a welcome tonic and, at the end of most days, it was truly decadent to sip some fizz whilst lounging in it with one’s beady pals, taking in the stunning scenery, and letting the wonderful massaging bubbles do their stuff. Ah bliss!

We had one day off in the middle of the week to take a trip to the delightful little town of Annecy and its lake. It was a gloriously sunny day and we all had a good look around the fresh food market, and wandered around the town and the lake (but still had enough energy to bead again before dinner that night). There were waterways through the town leading from Lake Annecy, populated by many water birds including lots of swans, and I was pleasantly surprised at the extreme clarity and lack of pollution of the water, both in the lake and the little town streams.

Below are some images of the girls and their samples and finished pieces – the fruits of their Hubble stitch labours throughout the week. I am always inspired to push my colour boundaries when I see some of the delicious colour choices in my students’ work.

As always, the time seemed to fly by so fast, and before we knew it we were celebrating our last night in a restaurant in Les Carroz, just a few minutes from our chalets. I had a great time, everyone was such good company, and now I’m planning the project for next October at The Alpine Experience.

Hubble stitch samplesHubble Stitch samplesHubble Stitch samplesHubble stitch samplesHubble stitch samplesHubble Stitch samplesThe girls working hard at Hubble stitch in Les Carroz.My Hubble stitch class in Les Carroz in the French Alps.The girls hard at work in my Hubble stitch class in the AlpsMy Hubble stitch class in Les Carroz, the French Alps.Hubble Stitch in the AlpsOur last night in Les Carroz after a week of Hubble stitch.

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Let’s Hubble! nominated for Best New Craft Book of 2016

Woohoo!!!!! WELL I NEVER!!! I have been contacted by the ‘Crafts Beautiful’ magazine to tell me that Let’s Hubble! is 1 of 5 books that have been nominated for the best new craft book of 2016 category!!! I am honoured! Apparently the voting began on 16th September and closes on 6th January. If you are an avid Hubble stitch fan, please click on the “Vote for me” button to cast your vote!

Let's Hubble book about Hubble Stitch by Melanie de Miguel

Click this button to vote.


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Hubble Stitch in the US of A!

AND…… Hubble Stitch is due for release in the US on 24th June, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon here. This is the US version of “Let’s Hubble!” so don’t be mistaken – it’s not Book 2!US Version of my Hubble stitch book.









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Hubble Stitch book – now available in German

Mein erstes Buch – Hubble ! ist in Deutsch ab sofort verfügbar. Wenn Sie sich für eine neue Herausforderung in der Sicke Welt suchen und eine völlig neue Technik zu erlernen wollen versuchen Hubble Stich! Hubble! Der brandneue stich

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B&B Show 2016 – Class Registration is open!!!

Come and join me for lots of beady fun next June in Milwaukee at the Bead & Button Show; I’m teaching 4 designs – Leonora Necklace, Beatrice Cuff, The Enchanted Lake and Heqet Pendant plus two classes of Hubble Stitch! Click on the images below to go to the B&B site and book yourself a place!
Leonora necklace class at the Bead & Button Show 2016Beatrice Cuff class at the Bead & Button Show 2016

Intro to Hubble Stitch class at the Bead & Button Show 2016
Introduction to Hubble Stitch class at the Bead & Button Show 2016
The Enchanted Lake class at the Bead & Button Show 2016
Heqet Pendant class at the Bead & Button Show 2016

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Ideas for Christmas

Nefertiti's Treasure

Nefertiti’s Treasure necklaces

There’s still time to treat yourself or make a present for that someone special, so I’ve dropped the price of the Nefertiti’s Treasure necklace and Eclectica! patterns. Both are perfect for sparkly Christmas dos or even whilst wearing a pinnie, doing the turkey! I’ve also added 2 patterns – Crystal Finger Candy Rings and the Tsarina Reversible Lariat. I wrote the rings pattern back in 2005 and kept meaning to update the format, so finally I have! The rings work up very quickly and would be ideal for the Christmas stocking! Another quick project is the Crystal Rosette Pendant – also a great way of using up leftover crystals and beads, and perfect for gifts.

Snowflake earrings in Hubble stitch

Snowflake earrings in Hubble stitch




As Christmas has been approaching and I’ve been teaching Hubble stitch workshops, the Christmas cuff and Snowflake earrings have caused a bit of a creative stir. Not only can you make the festive snowflakes as earrings but how about working them in larger beads and making a whole chain of them as a garland for your Christmas Tree – you could separate them with larger silver-lined red, gold and green beads or crystals to speed up the lengthening process.

Of course for anyone who hasn’t yet had a go at Hubble stitch there’s always Let’s Hubble!  to get you started – either in paperback from Amazon, Waterstones or your local bead stores, or the digital versions from iTunes and Amazon.





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My presence – at least 2-dimensional

Let's Hubble! and a pic of me on display at Sue's new office launch.

Let’s Hubble! and a pic of me on display at Sue’s new office launch.

I was so sad not to be able to attend the launch of my dear friend and publisher, Sue’s new office in Bristol, for her company Sue Richardson Associates. I would have loved to be there and share the celebrations with her but things just got in the way. But she’s sent me this image to show I had a presence at the party! Thanks Sue, I was there in spirit and at least in 2-D!








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